Why We Need To Appreciate Our Own Aloneness

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Mohadesa Najumi


A great writer once said; the only way out is in. This is certainly true today as everyone takes his or her own individual path towards escapism. We are all trying very hard to escape our daily lives, or even worse, ourselves. We do this through staring down at our mobile phones every chance we get, by filling our minds with endless non-stimulations such as television and by spending countless hours in the companies of others. Nobody wants to be alone, and even worse; nobody wants to be alone with their abyss of thoughts and doubts. When you are amongst a group of people and most of them are busy doing something on their phone; you must know that these people aren’t exceptionally busy. But, it is just easier to engage with a device that does not require any human interaction. Truth is, most of us aren’t aware of…

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The Sun Touches Everything

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Today's Koan

Brilliant Life Brilliant Life

The Sun is like Spirit: It is beyond everything, yet it touches everything.  We cannot look directly at it, but we know its brilliance by its warmth and revealing light.  Even in its distance, the Sun touches everything where it is, how it is without discretion, without discernment.  Good or bad, loving or hateful, it touches all.  And all that we are came from other suns and all that we are is from those suns — and the living energy that allows us to reflect on this wonder comes now from this Sun that caresses every being, giving everything a chance to be and become.  Now is our day in the Sun.  This Sun is a source, yet it is not ‘the’ Source.  That is another path, another river of spirit whose estuary flows from us into the limitless Everything.  We ‘know’ now beyond this Sun.  I smile in the…

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Day to Day or just ToDay

What’s new about today as opposed to any other day. Ha, oh the thoughts that cross my mind. But truly, I think often on this and ponder life with a quiet demeanour, watching and listening to each passing day, the comments people pass, the rush of the commuter with that aggravated look, the children’s faces laughing or crying, each and every moment passing us all by, every moment a pause, look around, take it in, what is there. What are we all striving for? What crosses our path at any given moment in time, how are we o know, yet we live in this moment, each moment passes, becoming simple history or a lingering memory. Got me thinking is all, what is today for, what is tomorrow going to bring, and should I dare to dream about the future x